The militants showed video of a charred office, where liquidated “Givi”

There were shots from the place where the explosion had destroyed the terrorist Mikhail Tolstykh, the leader of the battalion “Somalia”, known by the Callsign “Givi”.

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After the “Motorola” the ad went “Givi”. Murder and assassination of leaders “DNR” and “LNR”

So, recording the scene released a resource militants “News-Front”.

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Appeared the first photos and video of the destruction of the militants “Givi”

In the video, in particular, is seen cloth-covered body on a stretcher.

Recall, the defense Ministry confirmed information about the elimination of the militants “Givi” in the Donbass.

Terrorists, in turn, stated that “Givi” destroyed in his office in the occupied Donetsk with a flame thrower “bumblebee”.