Top bloopers. Secret prophecy Vanga and “pravosek” with a gun at school Kramatorsk

Ordinary propaganda of the Russian army do not stop their work and laugh the next fake in which someone really believes. The most striking stories we’ve gathered in the “Top fish“.

Hot Avdeevka

The most notorious event of recent weeks was the intensification of the hot spot in the town. And Russian propaganda media covered the event, as they would have liked. In particular, on the website of the TV channel of the Russian defense Ministry “Zvezda” published an article with the title “AFU resumed shelling of the Town”.

And site Life writes that “the inhabitants of the Town to the DNR” from-for attacks to pack your bags and ready to leave the city. This is a classic hybrid war, when taken, part of the truth, twisted and with a new false details is supplied to the population.

In Avdiivka do emergency was declared and the population was evacuated. However, the evacuation was conducted by the Ukrainian side, because Avdeevka was never under the control of insurgents. On the contrary, military APU all the time defended the city, was on the demarcation line from attacks by Russian-terrorist forces.

Kropiwiec burned

Another video fake, concocted in haste, tells the audience about how in Kramatorsk “pravosek” with a gun in his hands teaches kids in school how to kill a Russian and why.

Video assembled by employees of the so-called information Agency of the Russian Federation Anna-news. According to the VoiceOver, the video allegedly sent by one of readers.

Note that Ukrainian schools do not go armed men. Otherwise this information would have been known, tested and would appear in all the Ukrainian media.

In addition, the present representative of the “Right sector” would be to draw the emblem of the battalion “Azov”, which in the video you can see on the Board next to the flag. Yes, and the “class” appears to be empty and unreal – there is no usual for such a place of attributes, like books, portraits of writers, and the like.

It is also noteworthy that this fake built on a previous provocation by the newspaper “Krapiva”. The message that these Newspapers are distributed to students in Kramatorsk appeared in November 2016. And so are the fakes that people are starting to believe.

The holiday Punisher

Following fake, designed to incite hatred between Ukrainians and Russians – “Day of glory” or “celebration Parubiy”. So the Russian media called the Day of Ukrainian volunteers, which the Verkhovna Rada decided to celebrate March 14.

For the corresponding resolution submitted in particular on the initiative of the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy, the MPs voted on January 18.

In the Russian media, a wave of publications, in which the initiators of the resolution – members of the Interfactional Union “Maidan Self-defense” – was called “the fighters of the Maidan” and the Hero of Ukraine, the late General Sergey Kulchitsky, after whom was named one of the volunteer battalions, is credited with promises to poison the wells and pour the blood of Donbass.

Zozulya under the gun

One of the biggest scandals erupted around the Ukrainian footballer Roman Zozulya, who signed a contract with the Spanish club. In Spain, the footballer came in a t-shirt with the image of a Trident and then it began.

Local journalists have confused the image of the official coat of arms of Ukraine with symbols “Right sector” and the Cuckoo called a “Nazi.” A wave of indignation and persecution of Ukrainians actively taken up by the Spanish ultras.

There is a perception that the deployment of this scandal was promoted by the Russians. In particular, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the provocative campaign against Ukrainian football player Roman Zozulya came from Russia.

“We try from the beginning to help him. And we know that what happened is a deliberate provocation, when several ultras left-wing brand cynically used. Therefore such provocations, and they will happen next, we know from the Russian side,” – said Klimkin.

Ukraine without the Internet

In late January, the separatist website “Russian spring” published the news that in February Ukraine allegedly will sit without the Internet.

As the author writes a masterpiece, ISPs will disconnect users access to the network because of “redistribution of the market of Internet services.” Therefore, the Ukrainians, the “projections” Pro-Russian propagandists should be without Internet 3, 11-12 and 20 February.

It is noteworthy that in the publication the author refers to the so-called National Bureau of investigation Ukraine. Recall that the process of creating this law enforcement body in Ukraine was started in 1997, but was not completed. Instead, Ukraine has created the State Bureau of investigation, which has not yet started. Thus, even the source of the fake fictional.

Andrew, the crisis of the genre

It’s hard to go past another fake associated with various prophecies. Especially when these stories come on TV, such as “NTV”. The publication appeared on the channel’s website, and was also reprinted by the Russian newspaper “Vesti” and others.

So, the Russian propaganda is exploiting for their purposes known image of prophetess Vanga. The publication of the “secret prophecy Vanga”, which supposedly only now it was discovered by the relatives of the soothsayer.

The claim, in particular, according to Vanga, the United States recognized the superiority of Russia. An interesting prophecy invented for Ukraine: “the cry will be gunpowder, the darkness will be a rabbit, but it will be scattered and blown by the wind will”. Interpreters of this prophecy believe that we are talking about politicians, Klitschko, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Yatsenyuk.

By the way, the image of the rabbit is not the first time POPs up in the works of Russian propaganda. Last year this character along with others appeared in the children’s magazine “Polite men”, who the aggressors were extended to the territory of the occupied Donbas.