After the “Motorola” the ad went “Givi”. Murder and assassination of leaders “DNR” and “LNR”

In October 2016, was killed “Motorola”, one of the notorious “Dnrovskih” leaders. Almost four months later, in early 2017, died in another terrorist Valeriy Bolotov. And on January 8 in Donetsk undermined the militants “Givi”.

A military solution to “personnel” issues has become the norm in the self-proclaimed “republics”. Terrorist leadership is traditionally accused in the assassination of Ukrainian saboteurs. In reality, however, none of the Ukrainian DRG after such cases detained was not.

TSN.ia collected the list of local leaders who were removed from power, often with fatal outcome.

With a similar selection of “frames”, made in 2014 can be found here: Broken Putin soldiers.

1. Givi


On the morning of 8 February killed the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known under the Callsign “Givi”. About 6 o’clock in the morning in his office in Donetsk bomb exploded. It was discovered the charred body of a fighter.

According to media reports, the explosion occurred as a result of contact with a projectile flame thrower “bumblebee”.

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The so-called “Prosecutor’s office” DNR “said that came to the probable murderers of the fighter” Givi “, predictably accusing the Ukrainian diversionno-prospecting group. However, it is doubtful that the Ukrainian saboteurs would be able to carry on undetected base” Somalia “flamethrower.

“Givi” along with the previously killed “Motorola” was one of the symbols of Russian aggression in the Donbas. He was known as a love for loud parties with dancing, and the torture and executions of prisoners of war and civilians.

2. Valery Bolotov

27 Jan separatist newspaper “new Russia” referring to a source in the so-called “Volunteer Union of Donbass” announced the death of former leader of Luhansk militants Valery Bolotov. This information was also confirmed by the former head of “DNR” Alexander Boroday and a source close to Bolotov.

“Valery Bolotov died, supposedly of a heart attack in her apartment in Moscow two hours ago. He suddenly felt bad,” the source told Russian media.

Bolotov was the first “people’s Governor LNR”, who took active part in the capture of the SBU building. Left “resign” in August 2014, replaced by Igor Plotnitsky. RBC notes that in a recent interview, Bolotov sharply criticized the leadership of the so-called “LNR” and stated that he was deprived of the post as a result of a conspiracy.

3. Motorola


On the evening of 16 September in Donetsk was killed one of leaders “DNR” Arseniy Pavlov, known by the nickname “Motorola”. According to preliminary information, it blew up in the Elevator of the house where he lived. In the group “DNR” in the murder of Pavlov blamed “Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group”.

Motorola was one of the most cruel militants “DNR”. In particular, he shot the prisoner Ukrainian military Igor Branovitskiy. Himself “Motorola” confessed to the murder of the 15 captured military personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine. In Ukraine he was declared wanted.

It is noteworthy that Zakharchenko had previously dismissed the rumors about the attempted assassination of the commander of the “razvedyvatelno DNR”, nicknamed “Motorola”.

The leader of “DNR” said that the aim of the explosion near hospital in Donetsk was an attempt to “Motorola”, which at this moment seemed to have come out of the hospital after ligation.

Of course the militants blamed “Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group”.

4. Evgeny Zhilin

On September 19, the website of Russian TV channel Ren-TV reported the murder of the leader of the Kharkiv terrorist organization “Oplot” and the enemy of the Euromaidan Evgenia Zhilina.

The murder took place in the restaurant “Breeze” in the elite village of Gorki-2 Odintsovo district of Moscow region. It is reported that the killer waited for his victim outside the restaurant and opened fire as soon as he entered.

According to sources, one of the versions of the murder Zilina consider the bandit redistribution. The leader of the “Stronghold” was not the only target of the killer. The killer also shot a friend Zilina – Andrei Kozyrev, who came to the restaurant. Kozyrev survived.

Zhilin was the leader of the Pro-Russian organization Oplot, which has long operated under the guise of fight club. Members of the organization actively participated in the anti-Maidan, and with the beginning of the war in the East of Ukraine began to fight on the side of the militants “DNR” and “LNR”.

The territory occupied by the Donetsk separatists, was created the battalion “Oplot”, which was led by the current leader of the group “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. The members “Hold” a suspect in several terrorist acts on the territory of Kharkiv.

Zhilin was wanted. According to the interior Ministry, he fled from Ukraine in February 2014.

5. Igor Plotnitsky

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In late summer the leader “LNR” Igor Carpenter survived the attempt on his life. On the morning of 6 August in the occupied Lugansk explosion, during which he suffered the leader of Luhansk militants. Near his vehicle tripped a land mine.

According to media reports, the condition of the gunman was serious, he allegedly did the operation. But on 9 August, Carpenter,spoke about his envious.

After the assassination, he said the activist Dmitry Snegirev, “LC” intensified Russian security services. In his opinion, the attack could be the result of the conflict between the clans and the Carpenter “the head of the Ministry of state security,” Leonid beekeeper.

6. Alexander Zakharchenko

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Another attempt on the life of the leader of the militants, this time in Donetsk, failed. According to the separatists, in April, on the territory under their control they detained a group of Ukrainians who supposedly discovered a camouflaged explosive device.

“The liquidation team of the SBU,” – say the militants who planned to carry out explosion in shooting complex “Artemida” in Donetsk, when Zakharchenko will appear there. Before that the detainees allegedly received from his accomplices directions of the leader “DNR” and the place of his stay.

By the way, this fake Zakharchenko used as an excuse to create a powerful personal guard regiment, numbering over a thousand fighters.

7. Roman Lyagin

Roman Lyagin/facebook

The Russian media writes, citing militants, lyagin conflict with management “DNR” took place in the framework of confrontation of the President Zakharchenko with the “opposition”. Like, Lyagin threatened to tell the press “some unseemly details of the electoral process, “DNR”, and it was regarded by the authorities of “DPR” as an attempt to damage the Republic in wartime”.

In addition, Lyagin went to the person and insulted Zakharchenko. On the basis of this conversation Lygin received “certain injuries”, so it temporarily “insulated” until the beating and will not be carried out “prevention” at the possible revelations in the press.

8. Alex Brain

The leader of the gang “Ghost” Alexei Brain was killed in may 2015. He was killed in a bombing of his motorcade on the highway Lugansk-Alchevsk.

This death was not the result of petty grievances and feuds. After all, the actions and statements of the Brain was at odds with the commands from the Kremlin. Therefore, the sanction for murder, most likely, went directly from the Russian leadership of the unrecognized “republics”. This is evidenced by the data of the people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko. He reported that the Brain eliminated the special forces of the GRU of Russia.

It is known that the Brain has openly clashed with the leader of “LNR” Igor Plotnitsky and did not want to take orders from Moscow.

9. Pavel Dremov

Another death in the car. In December 2015 the leader of the “First Cossack battalion in “LNR” Pavel Dremov’s undermined in your own car.

Napping fell out of favor with the Russian leadership and the militants knew about the possible consequences. That Napping had a premonition of his death, shows a conversation intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence, the company informed.

It is not surprising – his “Cossack” was preparing to declare no confidence “the government of the Republic.” And for disobedience in the occupied Donbas is paid with life. Thus, Napping has become one of the”cleared” of militants “LNR”, which did not agree with the strategic line of the Kremlin on the status of the occupied territories.

10. Nikolai Kozitsyn


Another leader of the Luhansk “Kazatchkov” managed to leave Donbass without injury. Nikolai Kozitsyn clashed with armed groups are subordinate to the Carpenter. Often clashes accompanied by casualties. Kozitsyn even arrested the so-called “government DND”. In the winter of 2015, it became known that he fled to Russia.

In mass media there was information that Kozitsyn was brought from the Donbass because of disagreement with the official policy of the Kremlin regarding the developments in the Donbas. Likely, action is not paid with his life for criticizing the leaders of the “LNR-DNR” only because he expressed an enviable loyalty to Putin-“the Emperor”.

11. Alexander Khodakovsky


Recently one of the leaders of the militants “DND” dismissed the Secretary of security Council of the self-proclaimed “Republic”. As reported in the beginning of the article, Zakharchenko has its own “opposition,” one of whose representatives was the film.

Khodakovsky, former commander of the unit “Alfa” in the management of the SBU in the Donetsk region, which in 2014 moved to the side of the separatists, and became the commander of “Sunrise”.

Now a disgraced fighter who fights with Zakharchenko for power and cash flows, actively criticize it” in his blog on LiveJournal: “don’t doubt, Lord: the time will come, I will build one of the infamous series, and then anyone to whom you spit, you will have the opportunity to give you the same answer – right in your cunning faces”.

12. Sergey Slopes

In February 2015 in the shootout, which lasted about two hours, “law enforcement “LC” arrested the commandant of the red Beam Sergei Kosogorova.

The reason for the detention called robbery, robbery and unlawful confinement of a person. But, in fact, it was another case of liquidation of the representatives beyond the control of the management of “LNR” and armed groups. In particular, the “district ataman” Hillside openly criticized Carpenter and refused, together with his boevikami to speak to attack debaltseve.

Note that the actual head of the red Beam “Slope” was once imprisoned in the basement of the mayor, ex-regionalka Marina Fillipova. And now he found himself in the basement.

13. Andrei Purgin

For almost a year, from November 2014, the Accused held the position of head of the “people’s Parliament “DNR”. And in September 2015 it pushed out. Then the “speaker” of the fake Parliament Denis Putilin. Many supporters of “DNR” called such a development revolution.

After this Purging has disappeared. According to intelligence reports, he and his wife could have been abducted by Russian special services. Later, however, the action again started giving media interviews and spoke about his new project, designed to unite supporters “Russian spring”, which was disappointed in the “DPR-LPR”.

By the way, now the media mention the name of Purgina together with Khodakovsky speaking about the so-called opposition leader of “DNR” Zakharchenko.