NBU banks are divided into groups according to the new criteria. Full list

The national Bank has defined the new criteria for the allocation of banks into groups, which will now be three instead of four.

The corresponding decision of the NBU Board passed today, February 10.

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Three new groups of division of Ukrainian banks:

1. Banks with a state share of banks in which the state directly or indirectly holds a share of more than 75% of the share capital of the Bank.

2. Banks foreign banking groups, the banks, shares of which are owned by foreign banks or foreign financial banking groups.

3. Banks with private capital ‒ banks, which are among the ultimate owners of significant interest has one or more private investors, which directly and/or indirectly own no less than 50% of the share capital of the Bank.

“This distribution of the national Bank will be presenting the results of the banking system of Ukraine. The grouping will not be applied for Supervisory purposes”, – stated in the message controller.

Previously, there were four groups of banks: 1) state shares; 2) with foreign capital; 3) large private banks; 4) small private banks.