Explosive bust. Girl with huge fake Breasts played tattoo artist

The Network is gaining popularity video with a cruel drawing of the tattoo artist – the master scared straight during operation.

Attractive girl with a suspiciously large breast size came into a tattoo parlor to decorate your hand print.

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During the process, the master secretly looked at an impressive bust, but was not distracted from work. When he again lifted the needle to the skin of the client, one of her fake Breasts suddenly exploded. In fright the man fell from his chair and yelled, and the client only laughed. Video prank started spreading in the Network.

Earlier, Thai model Wichuda of Chacha in Facebook shared method, which can be used to distinguish real Breasts from silicone. She recorded the video, which brings to the breast the smartphone-enabled lanterns and her silicone chest begins to glow.