The basic version of the assassination of militants Givi

The murder of the leader of the terrorist group “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy, known by the nickname Givi, became hardly probable not the loudest event this week.

The gunman killed on the morning of 8 February in his office in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. In the room there was an explosion, and the room burned to the ground along with the Givi. Now announce the three most popular version of the assassination of the terrorist who became a symbol of the bloody struggle against the occupiers of Ukraine.

Ukrainian security services and the “hand Shkiryak”

Shortly after the murder of Fat, which in the “MGB DNR” called “a terrorist act”, media militants began to voice their opinions regarding involvement in the incident the Ukrainian security services. The occupants added that Givi was killed in the explosion of jet infantry flamethrower “bumblebee”.

“The death of this man was the best of the Ukrainian security services,” quoted the publication of the fighters were GIVEN the words “operational command of DNR”.

Later, the terrorists made even more fancy statement. The so-called Deputy commander of the “operational command of DNR” Edward Basurin said that the elimination of the leader of the “Somali” can be involved in the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak.

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“Circumstantial evidence we can safely say that this tragedy organized by the Ukrainian security services. Do not rule out involvement in the terrorist attack of adviser to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Shkiryak,” said he, without giving any of these “circumstantial evidence” and no explanation, and here it Shkiryak.

The adviser to the interior Minister commented on the accusations of militants and stressed that accustomed to this.

“I have long hit list of all the Russian terrorist gang which they not only accused me. I’m used to it, because it has maintained a consistent tough stance on the fight against global terrorism, primarily from Russia, on the protection of state interests of Ukraine and its national security,” – said in the air “” Shkiryak.

Subsequently he added a flamethrower “bumblebee”, which in “DNR” was the murder weapon Givi, is armed only with the Russian army.

“If to speak about the way to eliminate Givi, the flame thrower “Shmel” is exclusively used by the army of the Russian Federation. According to our operational information, the last year was a hard conflict between the terrorists Zakharchenko and Givi. This conflict was the struggle for the redistribution of material resources and influence controlled by the separatist territories”, – said Shkiryak.

Emotionally murder Givi responded the leader of “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. He stated that “the investigation establishes the guilty”, however, began to accuse the elimination of Fat Ukrainian government.

“I appeal to the Ukrainian authorities and the military. All you will not have to shoot, we woulduedem to come to you dead. And still we will kill you. You officially gave us that right. The Ukrainian government should be included in the lists of terrorist organizations”, – he stressed.

The coffin Givi

Revenge of militants and ordering Zakharchenko

Murder Thick be able to fighters of “DNR” and his henchmen from the group “Somalia”. On 9 February the Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” published an article which States that the responsibility for removing Givi took his accomplice from terrorist group Igor Maltsev nicknamed “the Frenchman”.

The gunman said that with two “Drowzee” decided to take revenge Givi for killed terrorists, which he left in a flurry of his own artillery during the fighting in the vicinity of the Town.

The Frenchman said that Givi allegedly himself was shot in the leg, take him away from the battlefield. An hour and a half after the terrorists were hit by their own artillery.

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“He thought no one would notice but we noticed. Then he took the doctor on duty at the hospital. After this, being already in Donetsk, he gave the order to cover the position with artillery, despite the fact that we were there, he thought we were dead!” – claimed Maltsev.

The version that Givi eliminated the militants, support and Ukrainian experts. So, the MP and head of the center for military-political research “Information resistance” Dmitry Tymchuk. In his opinion, “to order” Thick could Zakharchenko.

“Avdiivka a chance Zakharchenko gave: “Somalia” Givi even more hated for the aggravation of the stupidity and suicide orders, plus a strange wound. That moment, when over the carcass Givi themselves his subordinates can only heartily rejoice. Zakharchenko, however, does not think that every organized liquidation approaching the turn, he himself,” he said.

Turn to the coffin Givi

Cleaning Of The Kremlin

The elimination of the terrorist Fat may be a continuation of the systematic work of the Kremlin to sweep unwanted or unmanaged leaders of militias in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk.

This opinion was voiced including the Director of development Information and consulting company Defense Express Valery Ryabykh. He stressed that the elimination of the terrorist were able to manage the security services of Russia.

“I prefer the version that the murder “Givi” – driven process and is a continuation of a series of killings of terrorist leaders of the unrecognized “LNR” and “DNR”, which is under control of Russian special services. This may indicate changing the configuration of actions of the Russian Federation”, – he said.

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The same opinion is shared by political analyst Taras Berezovets. He believes that the Kremlin is trying to get rid of the most notorious puppets in the occupied territories and preparing for the Amnesty of militants.

“In addition to eliminating dangerous witnesses of Russian aggression, the second a more global goal is to clean up the field from the market characters tarnished “Russian spring” to provide the necessary conditions for carrying out full Amnesty of fighters. Ukraine, of course. That the preparation of such a scenario by the Russian side in the coming months is in full swing, evidenced by several reliable sources. Both from Russia and from the outside,” he concluded.