“Film Onishchenko”: Granovsky and Tsygankov has denied allegations by the people’s Deputy-the fugitive

Today, February 9, was published the second portion “films Onishchenko”where’s Deputy, the fugitive spoke with the alleged MP Mykola Martynenko. TSN caught up with two figures who were mentioned in the records of the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky and lawyer Andrei Tsygankov. Both posted records surprised.

MP Granovsky said he never spoke with Onishchenko personally, and therefore the Affairs of the latter were not interested.

“It’s hard for me to comment on erotic fantasies that arose in the minds of these gentlemen. Irrelevant to this, and I have nothing to say. Probably they best these games, but I never talked to Onishchenko, and one he could not recommend. I have nothing to do with either Onishchenko, nor Martynenko. Onishchenko, I think even in my address book will not find my room, I never called or wrote messages. And I’m not interested in his problems,” said Granovsky.

Lawyer Tsygankova statements Onishchenko angered, he said that the MP posted a completely false version of their collaboration, and therefore others laid out in the films according to the faith.

“It’s easy for me as a gift for a 50th anniversary. I was observed yesterday and could not even think that there is such a material. I was the lawyer of mister Onishchenko. His assertion that I like “man Granovsky” – a complete lie. If he is coming out with such like honest statements that could honestly tell you how I ended up in his “orbit” and on whose recommendation. I, unfortunately, bound by attorney-client privilege, and that I can not reveal. What he says is not true,” said Tsygankov.

TSN tried to contact Martynenko, who allegedly acts as a companion Onishchenko on films, but neither the MP nor his aides could be contacted.

Recall that Onishchenko is suspected of organizing the scheme with the theft of public funds amounting to about 3 billion during the extraction and sale of natural gas within the framework of joint operation agreements with PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha”.

In early December 2016 Onishchenko for the first time issued a record with “dirt”, where supposedly recorded his interview with Oles Dovgy, who plays the role of mediator between Onischenko and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.

Subsequently, the people’s Deputy, the fugitive declared that has transferred these records to US intelligence.

However, the Administration of the President’s statements regarding the “compromising” on the head of state calls untrue.