The mother of the deceased in Avdeevka fighter has won a court case against Russia

The mother of the military Kostyshina Yaroslav, who died during the war in the Donbass, has won court against Russia.

The corresponding solution for the recovery of an aggressor state the amount equivalent to 60 thousand euros in favour of Mary Kostyshina February 7, was attended Ivano-Frankivsk city court.

As told TSN.ia Maria, it was the second won by the family court. Last year in the lawsuit against Russia was filed by the wife of the deceased Svetlana, who with two daughters living in the urban-type settlement of Yarmolyntsi, Khmelnytsky region.

Yarmolynets’kyi district court adopted the decision on collecting from the Russian Federation in favor of the widow Kostyshina and his minor daughters amount for moral and material damages equivalent to 189 thousand euros.

Facebook/Andriy Senchenko

Then the Russian side did not appeal. If within ten days will not be appealed and decision of the Ivano-Frankivsk court, and it will take effect and the family will have the legal grounds to seek compensation.

The only question is who will make Russia pay.

One of the future options, says Maria Kostyshina is an appeal to the European court of human rights. However, complains a woman, you need to have a positive decision is not one the court and not one family.

The other way is even harder. After the decision came into force, it was assigned to the State Executive service, which can seize accounts or property of Russian companies on the territory of Ukraine, to sell it, and out of the proceeds to pay compensation.

However, Maria is not too hopes for the effectiveness of this way, noting that the Executive office defers it indefinitely. However, the woman does not lose hope that at least a year, even two, but Russia will pay for their crimes.