In the United States found an orange alligator similar to trump

In South Carolina, in the United States, noticed orange alligator.

The villagers who saw the animal joke that alligator went too far with the bronzer, reports Mashable.

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Others, in turn, compared it with the US President Donald trump.

One explanation of why the alligator was the orange, is that he probably spent the winter in a rusty sewer pipe.

According to experts, an alligator in the near future will shed its skin and return to normal color.

Earlier, canadian biologist Vazrik Nazari called a new species of moth in honor of the President of the United States Donald trump. Nazari came across a previously unknown butterfly, when he studied the collection of the Museum of entomology Bogart. After careful analysis of the insects, the researcher came to the conclusion that he had discovered a new species of the family of moles.