Trump called the result of its policy of attack on brand’s daughter

In the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump link the solution to one of the largest retail chains in the USA – Nordstrom company to stop distribution of the Ivanka Trump brand with the prosecution policy of the new head of the White house.

With the appropriate application administration spokesman Sean Spicer writes UKRINFORM.

“Even if she (Ivanka trump – ed.) does not work in companies there (brandy – ed.) clearly stated her name, and this is a clear attempt to destroy her name by linking all with the position of her father, with his specific policies,” said a White house spokesman.

He also stressed that the refusal of the network Nordstrom purchases from brand Ivanka Trump is “a direct attack on his (Donald trump – ed.) policy.”

However, the company stated that their decision due to low demand for these products.

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We will remind that earlier the daughter of the American President Ivanka trump promised to withdraw from leadership role in the Trump Organization, and to delegate the management of your designer brand in order to focus on the children and the service of the country.

Cases brand Ivanka Trump lead Terminals Abigail, she was appointed President of the company.