Under Mariupol several settlements were left without electricity after the shelling

Mortars and heavy artillery fighters fired at Lebedinskoe and Shyrokyne at the Mariupol direction. The enemy got into the substation without light now a few settlements, says TSN.16:45.

At the front near the Azov now should reign silence. Instead of Lebedinskoye is fired from 152-caliber. 122-mm guns of the militants were also fired in the direction of Hnutove and Shyrokyne.

In an instant almost 15 thousand residents of a suburban strip Mariupol remained without electricity. In backup mode internally earned gas distribution station. In General de-energized seven settlements.

Until last night, 5 th Talakovka since last October did not remember the word gap. The explosion occurred almost in the center. Miraculously no victims.

Broken cables, split the pieces of the iron body transformers, broken glass in the nearest power substation to the house. And a funnel depth of two feet at the local Telakowska the football field.

For half a dozen kilometers from Talkowski electrical substation at the very moment a marine with the call sign “Diamond” drone shot down Russian production.

Unmanned aerial reconnaissance had hard disk, designed, say the army, for 16 hours of continuous recording. And don’t rule out the possibility that the enemy artillery on Ukrainian military positions and civilian Talakovka suggests and adjust it.

The Correspondent Of The Alexander Engine