Chaotic attacks on Krasnogorovka: the people suffer for the crime fighters

Despite the declared mode of silence, the militants on the eve of the twice fired at Krasnogorovka of Donetsk region.

As reported in the story TSN.19:30, victims, fortunately, no, but most of the shells hit the village where I live civil. The most cynical that this morning after yesterday’s attacks, the militants again asked about the mode of silence.

In particular, the Pro-Russian terrorists shot from launchers “Grad”. The shelling lasted approximately two hours. The total number of mines is not even able to count. On Saturday, February 11, the attacks from the occupied Donetsk continued. However, at dawn, the military said, part of the front in the area Krasnogorovka, the fighters themselves once again promised silence.

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And this “silence” makes local without any hesitation, lightning run, driven to automatism, the algorithm. Namely, to flee to the cellars. The Ukrainian military are convinced that criminals are specifically targeting the residential sector Krasnogorovka. Locals say that such chaotic attacks record every night.

While the military recognizes that the words of the President of Ukraine about the fact that there is no ban on the devastating fire in response does not exist, add them optimism – add.

Recall that over the past day two Ukrainian soldiers were injured. Only recorded 28 attacks.

Alexander Motor