Shot in the back. Who benefits from the cleanup of the notorious leaders of the militants in the Donbas

Terrorists from “DPR” has openly waiting for shots to the back. Version that the Kremlin gave the command to destroy the most notorious militant commanders, is one of the most popular this week. Because the leader of the gang, nicknamed “Givi” and his friend “Motorola”, and apparently killed those who had access to sufficient protected territory.

In Donetsk said goodbye to the militants “Givi”. His real name is Mikhail Tolstykh. He is a former supermarket security guard and Valet.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

The separatists and Moscow is accused of murder, of course, the Ukrainian security services. But in any case, and the former “heroes of new Russia”, someone from here have left and those who still aloud calculate, who from them the next.

“After a while, I’ll probably celebrate my death. I wonder why I quietly go,” says one of the former leaders of the militants Igor Strelkov.

They are all pawns on the chessboard of the Kremlin. For the Russian puppeteers so called heroes when they’re dead, because you have nothing to say. In particular, regarding the downed mh17 plane. Besides, odious militants interfere with another Kremlin plan – elections in the Donbas. Outright murderers Ukraine does not recognize ever, and with less visible room can go.

“The scenario of promotion of Moscow of Amnesty could be carried out this year. This is evidenced by many sources and from Russia – a Russian opposition with which I communicate. And, unfortunately, this is confirmed by our sources in the West,” says political analyst Taras Berezovets.

Therefore, this whole so-called performance in mourning the Donetsk Opera is far from final. And Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky know it. It remains to understand whether the Ukrainians are ready to take home such Donbass.

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