Ukrainian military in complete secrecy has taken a new position near a strategic highway in the Donbass

Ukrainian soldiers advanced not only in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area and pushed the militants. They already came close to a strategic road that leads into the occupied Yasinovataya. Almost mysterious division, which is fighting literally under the noses of the separatists, is the 39th battalion.

This is stated in the plot of TSN.Week.

The schedule of the day new positions heroic guys from Avdeevka forests are very rich. The afternoon repulsed by the infantry and hunt at night for the tank, which strikes fear in the residents of Avdiivka. But the soldiers do not pay attention – here it will not fire.

“But if he’s going to beat us up, we just put him because he will come out into the open,” explains the fighter 39th OMPB Maxim.

But the men quickly stuffed tape cartridges. Hurry, because you know the fight will still be.

While the enemy tried to dislodge the Ukrainians from Avdeyevka industrial area, 39th battalion quietly built a new fortified. So close to enemy territory, the Ukrainians have not yet approached. Their position is 15 meters from the road.

Wanting to go to new positions and to tempt fate hard to find. To reach guys need to jump on the hills like crazy. Road sweep both day and night.

In the heavy Maxim last day of the contract. Farewell to the native battalion was almost fatal. LNG got right next to the position. The explosion occurred a few feet from Maxim. Saved by sandbags. The commander wants me to send him from the position. Maxim refuses. Says he’ll bring the fight to the end.

“Everything will be fine, I tell you!”, – soothes battalion Oracle Ivan Denysiuk.

In a dark forest you guys have your own seer. This unit has predicted a war with Russia 10 years ago.

“Even in school I predicted that there will be war with Russia. But I was not taken seriously, even mom. But as you can see, as I said, the way it happened,” – says the fighter Ivan Denysiuk.

When the guy wrote a poem about it “Moscardino, Ivan, Moscardino”, the teachers were, to put it mildly, surprised.

“We are not even among those who’s not here” joke guys.

It turns out that during this year, without much advertising, the battalion literally step by step forward to the strategic highway. Behind her, a former “hostess” – a place where militants are hiding tanks and still shoot the defenders Avdiivka industrial area.

“And the line of demarcation, which I can’t find, in my opinion, located on the border of Russia and Ukraine”, – said the Deputy commander of the 39th battalion Vladislav Trifonov.

In the Russian tales about the return of captured Ukrainian items and huge losses of the Armed forces here in the town, not even paying attention.

“The positions that we have them “pressed”, we keep them, we strengthen them. And the fact that they tell yourself – let them say what they want,” says the fighter 72 brigade “Timur”.

“We picked those who were with pulse and with a pulse, alive. We have not lost any of those who were taken away,” says medic first battalion of the 72nd brigade Valentin Pusic.

After weeks of fierce fighting and tens of tons of spent ammunition in new positions of the 39th battalion – the only one wounded. And even with a bullet in the hand of a seriously wounded Ukrainian does not lose his sense of humor. Relieves himself, finds the strength to joke.

By the way, because of this secret until recently, the problem none of the guys in the position where there was a TSN reporter, is still not awarded. But it should be such heroes alive, healthy and invincible.

More details see in the story of Andrei Tsaplienko.