The former security official told why SBU couldn’t have killed “Givi”

The former employee of SBU Ivan Stupak said that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies were not able to kill the leader of the militants “Givi”.

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First, Stupak noted in comments to “TSN.Tyzhden“, no SBU would never give the order to kill.

Ivan Stupak

“There is no unit that receives instructions to commit murder. No license to kill. Who will take the responsibility to give a written order to murder? Yes, no”, – said the former Sbushnik.

He also explained how the security service usually carries out operations to arrest criminals.

“If there is a room in which to spend the arrest of a man, a plan, maybe a week. Observing the room. Learn what Cabinet is this man, where he spent most of the time when coming to work, when coming home, and when conducting meetings. Form his schedule,” said Stupak.