In close quarters, but not mad – smaller houses are back in trend

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In 2016, the demand for housing with an area of 40 squares increased on average by 15 to 20%, analysts estimate. The same trend is forecast for this year, because the tariffs for communal services continue to grow, and incomes of Ukrainians on the contrary fall.

The first year in the Ukrainian real estate market the most popular are one and two bedroom apartments. The President of the Union of realtors of Ukraine Viktor Nesin argues that people use the principle “the cheaper, the better.” This is the secret of the success of the so-called smart homes. Area they have is small; therefore the price for them below. Not so significantly “beat on the wallet” and utilities.

Ukrainian developers from trend are not far behind. More than half of the new projects have smaller houses, that is the most functional housing with a minimum area of 20 squares and higher. The President of Construction Corporation “Riel” Rostislav Miller argues – such options are popular among buyers who invest in housing as a business project with the purpose of resale or renting apartments to rent. Now – about 50% of the total number of transactions. Its advantages in such a house and find tenants, as the monthly fee is significantly lower.

A popular proposal among the Ukrainian construction companies have so-called “block building”, that is, a house erected in the complex, with the whole neighborhood. The residents will not need to rush in search of a kindergarten, a school, a sports complex, or simply store – all predusmatrivaeschego on site. Today, comfort and functionality come to the fore in the choice of housing. That is why the trend also “turnkey apartments”. Michael Artyukhov, managing Director of ARPA Real Estate, says that a third of buyers select a house, ready for living – repair, kitchen unit, plumbing, sometimes even with furniture and appliances.

According to experts, it is apartment complexes and functional apartments and at the same time, with its own infrastructure will be in trend more than one year. The advantage will be for those objects, which will be offered as many services for a comfortable stay.