Ex-Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation became a citizen of Ukraine, and then gave evidence against Yanukovych in the GPU

The Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the 6th convocation Denis Boronenkov and his wife, also a Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, a famous Russian Opera singer Maria Maksakova in October 2016, before the end of parliamentary powers, went to Ukraine, where he obtained citizenship.

In interview to the edition “Censor. No” they told me that she had considered various options for relocation, “but because of the mentality,” roots and position, decided to move to Kiev.

Boronenkov noted that on 4 December last year, ended his powers of the Deputy of the State Duma, and on December 6 he became a citizen of Ukraine. He also gave evidence to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine on charges of treason Yanukovych.

“I thought it my duty to help my country and expose the scoundrel. Previously convicted felon who betrayed his people, fled and requesting to enter the troops of another country and kill their citizens,” he said.

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Former Russian MP noted that Ukraine for his second home country, because his family comes from the Kherson region.

“The first thing we saw on coming here – good people, normal, no angry faces. From Kiev does not want to leave. In Europe you’ll always be a stranger. Only the third generation will feel not immigrants. I am a man who all his life worked for the state, what am I to do, who to serve? Yes, my wife is in demand, she often travels to Europe. I think she starts to put hurdles in Russia,” said Boronenkov.

In his words, he wants to be useful to the country.

“In Russia today, like I don’t need. I am now in the stage of negotiations. At first I got citizenship, because not being a citizen of the country, it is difficult to stand for any public office. I don’t need privileges, I will try to find their place in life. Understand that it will be hard, not easy. But this is freedom. The man himself always can make your choice. I made my choice,” – said the politician.

In December 2011, Boronenkov became the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party and a member of the Committee for security and combating corruption. In December 2014 the RF IC sent to the state Duma of the materials on deprivation of parliamentary immunity Boronenkov. Against him was opened criminal case on raider capture of the building in the center of Moscow. Also among the “achievements” of the member of the Duma Committee for countering corruption Boronenkov can be called the earnings of 2.5 million rubles, 5 apartments with a total area of 1088 m2, 2 car garage, country house on 887 m2 of non-residential premises of 189 m2. Also the fighter with corruption has its own fleet of luxury cars. His wife was a member of the state Duma from “United Russia”.