MP is a fugitive from Russia compared Russia with Germany since Hitler

Former member of the so-called “Public Council” of Russia Denis Boronenkov said that now in Russia as it was in Nazi Germany.

He said this in an interview “Цензор.net”.

According to Voronenkov, who moved to Ukraine and became a citizen, Ukrainians need to defend their territory, because the Kremlin will not stop.

“This is a huge trouble. The situation in Russia now as in Nazi Germany of Hitler. Everyone knew that it would destroy the Jews, but continued to work with him for many years, pretending that nothing is happening. The whole state has gone mad in pseudo-Patriotic frenzy. Many things are now identical in Russia. As one famous writer: “What unites Russia Ivan and Magomed? This is an opportunity SP..t something for free”. Then go all national, religious and language differences. Crimea has become such a litmus test – he has brought Russia around the idea of something to sleep…th his neighbor. Many citizens of Crimea would have acted the same way – they have the same thinking. Came to the Americans in the Crimea, and said: now here is America and the pensions of thousands of dollars, so they would and America voted,” said Boronenkov.

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In addition, he added that Russia does not want a successful Ukraine.

“War is a disaster. The Ukrainians must be a high level of willpower. The will of the victim, but to defend his territory. I see that there are very high Patriotic enthusiasm. Different do not win the war in any way. Otherwise, Ukraine will have to push and break, the Kremlin will not stop. Today’s Russia in any case do not need a successful Ukraine. Only with the change of this power can change something, an Epiphany to come,” said the ex-member of the “state Duma”.

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Also Boronenkov added that Russians raising propaganda. That is why the Russian citizens are going to fight in the Donbass.

“Over the last 20 years in Russia, unfortunately, lost its system of education. Today is raising propaganda. When young people without education, without a profession (their parents mostly antisocial elements), say every day: “zhidobanderovtsy, ukrofashisty enemies “, they have a pseudo-patriotism, they go to war. First and foremost, because they are not in demand, can not find myself in Russia. And the dirty state is a parasite on them, using them as “cannon fodder”. The same “Motorola” – working at a gas station. He never could get anything – and it was easy to hire and to seduce about social mobility. Such people have always been in every state,” said Boronenkov.

We will remind, on January 27, Russian media reported that the former Deputy of the State Duma from party of the Communist Denis Boronenkov testified GPU against the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on charges of treason. According to the publication, Boronenkov partially confirmed the Ukrainian investigators information about “agreement” between Yanukovych and Russia.