In Donetsk at the chemical plant was a powerful explosion

In Donetsk at the chemical plant was a powerful explosion.

About it reports “administration” of Donetsk city.

According to preliminary information, the blast occurred around 10am in the area of the repair shop of the Donetsk state factory of chemical products.

Information on victims and destructions did not arrive.

In turn, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the so-called Ministry of defense “DNR” that the blast occurred because of shelling by the APU, the result is that injured one person.

Due to the explosion damaged Windows of several apartment buildings, and hospitals.

“The armed forces of Ukraine fired from 152-Millerovo artillery Donetsk state factory of chemical products. The shelling was coming from the direction of the village Nevel, there are victims. Previously, one civilian was killed,” – said the militants.

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