In Verona, more and more lovers send letters to Shakespeare’s Juliet on Valentine’s Day

Every year for Valentine’s Day in the Italian city of Verona, an increasing number of letters sent to Juliet Capulet, heroine of Shakespeare’s story of tragic love. About it reports Radio Freedom.

People complain, ask advice or just share their happiness in the letters in many languages. During the festive period every day to Verona to Juliet’s house address hundreds of letters addressed to “Juliet’s Club”.

“Dear Juliet, you of all people understand love…”, – approximately so begins the letter with the request of the Council.

Letter treated with fifty volunteers, who translate the texts in different languages, and store them in the archive and, accordingly, experienced the experience and their feelings, meet, signing the letter “Juliet”.

Love letters the tourists started to leave near the building of Juliet in the early 30-ies of the last century. Then the watchman “Juliet’s Tomb” Ettore Solimani started to collect them and to respond to the letters, thus becoming the first “Secretary of Juliet”.

A letter to Shakespeare’s heroine, you can send and email, but most prefer to write letters with ink.

“In this period of the year, given the large volume of letters to Juliet’s house, we have allocated a separate line for quick sorting. We have a separate box with letters to Juliet, and every day they are delivered to the address” – said Gianni Barbato, an employee of the post office of Verona.

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