Network laugh with a photo, which Trudeau “shook” hands with the Trump

Social media users laugh at the photo, which the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau “shaken hands with” the President of the United States Donald Trump during their first meeting in Washington.

In the photo, the leaders sitting on chairs in the White house, trump Trudeau holds out hand for a handshake, and canadian Prime Minister looks at her with an expression on his face, as if hesitant to do it.

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Of course, for the moment, Trudeau will shake hands with his American counterpart, but this photo was the reason for jokes on trump.


For example, the Director Matthew cherry wrote on Twitter: “Justin Trudeau looks at the hand of the tramp, as if he just read the Russian dossier” (the dossier alleges that trump in Moscow ordered prostitutes to do Golden showers on the bed where the sleeping Michelle and Barack Obama).

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Justin Trudeau is looking at Trump hand like he just read the Russian Dossier

— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) 13 Feb 2017

Another user made up a scene based on this photo.

Trump: “well, shake it.”

Trudeau: No.

Trump: “Why”.

Trudeau: “I know where she was, and I don’t agree to do it.”

Trump: come on, touch it.

Trudeau: No.

Trump: Why?

Trudeau: I know where it’s been, and I know it wasn’t consenting.#TrudeauMeetsTrump

— Fiona Adorno (@FionaAdorno) 13 Feb 2017

Another scene, but from another user.

Trump: “Look at its size. Just look!”.

Trudeau: “I see”.

Trump: “You see,”.

Trudeau: “I know”.

Trump: Look at the size of that. Just look!

Trudeau: I’m seeing it.

Trump: Are you seeing this?

Trudeau: I am in fact seeing it.#leadership

— Henry Tudor (@KngHnryVIII) 13 Feb 2017

“As the rest of the world sees trump in one photo,” writes another Twitter user.

How the rest of the world views Trump in one image.

— Dan Speerin (@danspeerin) 13 Feb 2017

Some users disseminate the photo of Trudeau and Obama noted that relations with the canadian Prime Minister, former President of the United States was warmer.

“Looks like Trudeau and Trump are bffs now!”

— caity (@Iordvaders) 13 Feb 2017

“Today we are all Justin Trudeau,” writes journalist Kim Kelly.

Today, we are all Justin Trudeau

— Kim Kelly (@GrimKim) 13 Feb 2017