Stepanov threatened to fire the Odessa officials for the failure of the procurement of drugs for cancer patients

The head of the region promised that the tender will be announced and the area will go ecoproperty 13 million UAH.

“Because of your inaction sick people not only improved their health, but also worsened. Or is this total incompetence or some other motive. I do not think that we in the future will work,” he said during hardware meeting in the regional state administration.

Stepanov also noted that in order to start the procedure purchases he personally took only a week.

“Honestly, this is not difficult. What do you need? Just to complete the procedures prescribed by the system “Proterra”. Advertisements have already appeared. With all the tender procedures, medicines will start to arrive in mid-may. What did the past year, the Department of health? Nothing! People who daily have to fight for life waiting for medicines in June. Waiting six months for! People who are terminally ill. Question keep personal control”, – he wrote on his page in Facebook.

We will remind that on January 30 it became known that in many structural departments of Odessa regional state administration during the governorship of Mikhail Saakashvili documents were lost. To explain the missing documents to the new Governor Maksym Stepanov RSA officials could not. Among the lost materials a lot of citizens on social benefits and assistance. According to officials, the previous government ordered to destroy documents instead of having to transfer them to the archive.

In addition, the new Governor drew attention to the fact that 4,400 complaints received in RSA, remained unanswered. “Now the main priority for me is to gain control over the region, starting with the regional state administration where there are unpleasant from a management point of view, the moments, and ending with the heads of the WGA,” said he.