The terminals of the Donetsk airport, the newly built near Kiev for the film

Near Kiev making a movie about the Donetsk airport. The heroes of this is painfully familiar to the Ukrainians of history – the ordinary soldiers of different armed forces, in the devastated scenery, with a road machine, in different uniforms and battle cat. Played a role in the film and the film crew of TSN.

He again builds the Donetsk airport, Shevket of Seydametov – Director, here is responsible for the sham escalators, conveyor belts with mannequins that will play dead, graffiti, rusty chairs and dirty flags. His decorations Donetsk airport lives again.

The movie “Cyborg” will spend 48 million, half were given state, half of the sponsors.

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Life under gunfire. “Cyborg” showed archival video of a typical day in the Donetsk airport

A lot of decorations, computer graphics, and of course battles. Another place will be an abandoned airfield in the Chernihiv region, on the runway, back again fighting.

Andrey Shvachko preparing costumes, says knowone will not be in uniform, and how really, to decide what the volunteers brought.

Makeup artist Tatiana wears operator TSN Warbler, Gurenko. The scenario he and correspondent Alexander Zagorodnii run into the airport – again.

This tiny episode reproduces the actual day of their lives. Dec 22, 2014 Sasha and Slava worked in the new terminal. That day also promised a truce.

Director Ahtem Seytablaev watches as his kiekeberg tell stories of real people.

One of the main roles got a pregnant cat Tanyuha. The actress took from a shelter and hope in their little black star will soon be a family.