The Cabinet has not considered the question of introduction of state of emergency in the energy sector – Zubko

During today’s government meeting the question of introduction of state of emergency in the energy sector are not considered.

This was after the Cabinet meeting, assured the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services Gennady Zubko, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“No, the question was not considered”, – said Zubko added that yesterday a meeting of Energy headquarters. There were proposed measures to ensure the stability of the country’s power grid, reducing coal consumption from 28 thousand tons to 20 thousand tons. At the same time the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik instructed to study these measures.

“The population is protected from the point of view of energy and heat. I think a day or two of major importance are not, but most importantly – the process of anti-crisis measures is already running”, – said Zubko.

We will remind, the government in recent days, actively are the claims on the introduction in Ukraine of state of emergency in the energy sector. The government argued that no coal from the occupied Donbass energy system will not cope and have to use rolling blackouts. The supply of coal from the zone ATO block the activists, who are not given the opportunity to carry out freight transportation by rail. Unknown cut rail journey.

Earlier, the government is actively convinced that Ukraine will manage without of anthracite coal from the occupied Donbass. They say, will be to import it from abroad, particularly from Africa, as well as overhauls of the power plants on coal from other varieties or other types of fuel. In fact, over the three years of the war in the Donbass did not. In Minenergouglya are now saying that to rebuild the system only in the next three years.