Gas for the population could grow by half – the top Manager of “Naftogaz”

A month and a half, April 1, gas for the population in Ukraine could grow by 40%. That is about a cubic meter worth of 6,879 UAH and will be about 9.6 UAH. If in the spring it will not rise, prices fall under certain conditions can enhance an already low 47% from the current level to 10.1 UAH per cubic meter.

About this in the article for the “New time” wrote chief commercial officer of the Group of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko.

“We have to make a public and honest discussion about what to expect with April 1 – the date promised by the IMF liberalization of gas pricing for the population. If not will continue the state regulation of prices for the needs of the population, the so-called special duties, based on current gas prices in the European markets, the hryvnia exchange rate and other factors, we can expect that the price of gas for households will grow by 40%, “- said Vitrenko.

He said that if from April 1 to launch the process of liberalization of pricing, by the time the gas companies and heat supply companies will have to pay off arrears in the amount of 58 billion UAH, and also go to the mode of payment. And it’s almost unreal.

“Naftogaz” is not able to sell gas to companies that don’t pay for gas, in which assets “the Desk and the old computer”. For employees of “Naftogaz”, which will sign a contract – a direct path to the Prosecutor. Especially considering the high risk “schemes” at the level of these companies. If the regulation will be extended, what else needs to agree with the IMF, because the Memorandum, the government promised the IMF that the special duties were introduced only until 1 April, then price increases may be able to delay until October,” – said Vitrenko.

In “Naftogaz” I hope that in the autumn it will be the decision of the Stockholm arbitration on mutual gas claims in Ukraine and Russia.

“By this time we expect the Stockholm arbitration court will satisfy our claim requirements to “to Gazprom”, and we will import gas at the price of “hub minus”. Then you can expect that the wholesale price for the population will drop in half compared to the current price, not increase. If, before 1 October will not be a positive decision in arbitration, and if you use the current forward prices for gas delivery in the winter of 16/17 years, and the remaining parameters left unchanged, we can expect that the increase in wholesale gas prices for the population will be at least 47%, “- said Vitrenko.

In “Naftogaz” hope for a positive arbitration decision that will not raise prices for the population.

“However, we must consider possible changes in the structure of the final gas prices for the population. Now this price includes tariffs for gas transportation. The gas companies want to change the tariff for distribution of gas. Instead of having to pay for transportation of gas transmission and distribution networks were included in the price of gas paid by the population, they want to pay separately so-called subscription fee, i.e. a fee for that consumer is connected to the gas supply, regardless of how much gas it consumes. The desire of the regional gas companies is obvious – consistently to obtain more income. We can therefore expect that the population in General will pay more of the gases in the case of the transition to the new tariff. This will depend on the decision of the regulator – it will determine the new tariff, and the path will be opened by the abolition of the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers on special duties or a change in the Cabinet structure of the final gas prices for the population in case of continuation of special obligations,” – said Vitrenko.

Recall, from March 1, 2017 in Ukraine will increase tariffs for electricity for the population.