“Ukrzaliznytsya” schema Onishchenko, the inspection of declarations. NABU told which cases to investigate

Today, February 15, the Parliament Director of the NABU Sytnyk presents the results of the activities of the Ministry at the meeting of the anti-corruption Committee.

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He stressed to MPs that without the creation of an anti-corruption court all the efforts of his Department will remain zero.

Artem Sytnik creating an anti-corruption court, all our efforts will remain zero.

— NAB Ukraine (@nab_ukr) February 15, 2017

“The works of NABOO listen throughout Ukraine. Not all courts can be formed of three judges to hear corruption cases”, – said Sytnik.

He also commented on the progress of the investigation of the”gas business, Alexander Onishchenko”. According to him, this week the investigation is partially completed.

“If we succeed in creating an anti-corruption court, for the first time in Ukraine will have a chance to return the arrested funds”, – said the head of NABOO.

at the same Time he complained that after the arrest of the head of ztmc, he extended the contract, and he continues to lead the enterprise.

Sytnyk once again stressed that the EMB wants to have a controlled SBU offline listening offline.

“A very old problem, it has not lost its relevance – it is, nevertheless, able to listen. The bill was discussed”, – he said.

NABU commented on the situation with “Ukrzaliznytsya”, noting that this company is a wide field for investigations of NABOO. “We have separate division engaged in it” – said Sytnik.

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At the same time, the head of NABOO rebuked NAPC, whose office is waiting for more activity “, or at least to access the register of declarations”.

“Analysts and detectives NAB now check e-Declaration, as journalists, because they do not have access to the register of declarations,” he said.

The head of the NEB concluded that only the result of the investigations, the arrest of the 601,9 million UAH, 80,16 million dollars. USA, of 7.41 million euros, 3170 pounds. Almost all corruption cases related to international legal orders, he said.

Sytnik previously complained that Ukrainian courts do not consider every fourth indictmentsubmitted by the detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine.