The IMF called for the abolition of deferment of payment for communal media

IMF stands for the abolition, citizens who do not receive housing subsidies, to make the stitching of payment for housing and communal services.

This is stated in the draft Memorandum between Ukraine and the IMF, writes “Economic truth”.

Thus, the IMF requires up to 1 April 2017 to cancel the rate at which households receive no subsidies, could pay for heating for 12 months (in installments). This item is still inconsistent.

The IMF also demanded to reduce the rate of consumption from 5.5 to 4.5 cubic meter 1 square meter for heating and from 65 to 51 kW/h per 1 square meter of electricity used for heating. This point Ukraine is partially compliant. In particular, the revised social norms of using gas for individual heating: with 5.5 cubic meter to 5.0 cubic meters per 1 square meter of heated area for a month during the heating season.

Also, the revised regulations use of electricity for heating: from 65 kWh to 51 kWh per 1 square meter of heated area.

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Recall that the Cabinet has allowed the Ukrainians to do the stitching of payment for communal services on October 19. The consumer may receive credit in the month of application must pay 50% of the account, and the other part must be paid evenly during April-September of the following year, before the start of the next heating season.