In Kiev from-for damages of networks will remain without heat more than 230 homes

Because of the two damage heating systems in the capital will remain without heat more than 230 homes.

It is reported by Kyivenergo in Facebook.

“Obolon at the time of repair works of heating supply will be disabled the 213 houses in the streets Malinovsky, Timoshenko, Jordan, Obolonskiy area and the prospectus of Heroes of Stalingrad and Obolon. Repair work will be completed at midnight tonight. And the hem of the heat supply will be restored during the night. At the time of repair works of heating supply 22 is disabled at home”, – stated in the message.

Damage found on the Bandera Avenue, 24B and vul. Cyril, 127.

Both damage to the arteries arose from the excess of operating networks.

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We will remind, Klitschko has promised that all complaints of Kiev on a cold battery and sky-high bills will be the prompt response of the city authorities. “This is unacceptable! Let me remind you that we have created a system of feedback to all the complaints about the quality of the services you receive, incorrect calculations and other problems receive prompt response,” – said Klitschko. He noted that such complaints this year alone, more than 200. “And I assure you that they will all be considered and would be the appropriate response. And insights, too,” – said Klitschko.