NATO “will synchronize watches” with Ukraine in contacts with the Moscow – diplomat

General Secretary of the Alliance with the Russian representatives will not become a danger for Ukraine. This was stated by the representative of the official Kiev to NATO Yehor Bozhok, says the story TSN.19:30.

So the diplomat responded to the question of whether Mr. Stoltenberg to negotiate behind the back of Ukraine on key issues. “We have with NATO, a clear agreement – no contacts with the Russian side about Ukraine without first checking hours with the Ukrainian side”, – said acting head of mission of Ukraine to NATO.

The last six months in a staff-NATO apartment eagerly and nervously awaited the arrival of the new us Secretary of defense as Donald trump mercilessly criticized the Alliance. But the meeting was very warm: James Mattis, the head of the Pentagon, who has worked in NATO 10 years ago, said today that 2014 (the year of the beginning of the war of Russia against Ukraine) has allowed NATO to take a sober look at the global threats.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Country