In Kiev for several days has closed one of the exits of the subway “Khreschatyk”

In the capital from 9 a.m. closed the exit of the subway “Khreschatyk” on the Instytutska street. It won’t work until the completion of the memorial events, dedicated to the memory of the Heavenly hundred, says TSN.12:00.

On the eve of the security Service of Ukraine saidthat during the official celebrations from 18 to 22 February possible riots srezhissirovannyj Russia. The chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk called for vigilance during mass events this and next week.

In Kiev, in eight out of 18 planned activities is a threat to escalate into violence, three events organized on the territory of Russia, said the SBU. On the Internet in recent years has increased the number of communities and fictional accounts masquerading as patriots of Ukraine. Guide them, too, from the territory of the Russian Federation.