Holodnitsky announced the transfer of the “gas business” Onishchenko in court

The Prosecutor SAP signed and handed to detective NEB Ukraine power of attorney for the implementation of messages in the so-called “gas case” Oleksandr Onishchenko that collected in the production of evidence sufficient for drawing up the indictment.

This was reported in the Facebook head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky.

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The materials of the case against the 9 suspects are sent to court together with the indictment.

“Now the determining factor in the timing of referral to the court is the defense and the term which it is necessary to familiarize with the materials of criminal proceedings,” – said Holodnitsky.

He also spoke about the different obstacles that happened during the investigation.

“It was different. And lawyers who fled from trial, and attempts to “delay” of the Prosecutor, and the frequent ambulance calls during the forensic speech. But no sabotage, the curses that were heard, and provocations have not stopped anti-corruption prosecutors in the way of meeting quality and compelling evidence base that, hopefully, the court will objectively estimate and in reasonable time will get a fair and legal decision”, – said the head of SAP.

He reminded that criminal proceedings were detained 7 suspects, another (woman) – held under house arrest, and another suspect, the court elected a measure of restraint in the form of a Deposit in the amount of 20 million hryvnias.

Holodnitsky promised that all the other suspects, headed by Onishchenko will find its place in the indictment, which also will be submitted to the court on the results of a special pre-trial investigation. He noted that Ukraine is waiting for an extremely long time on the decision of Onishchenko from Bureau of Interpol.