In China, a four year old boy learned to drive a digger

In China to manage the huge machine was entrusted to a small child.

It is noted that the boy named Chen Juny enough was a little to observe how he worked on the excavator by his father to master this huge machine, reports the Daily Mail.

In the video you can see how the four-year work copes with all the operations. It should be noted that under Chinese law, children under 18 years are not allowed to operate heavy machinery.

From early childhood, a favorite pastime Chen was a toy excavator, and the kid was with him almost all the time. Later the boy’s father, who works as an excavator began taking his son with him to work, and Chen watched with interest as his dad managed with this wonderful machine.

In the end, the boy and taught himself to work on the excavator, despite its age. Although video Jong became very popular in the Internet, the local police called the boy’s father not to put the baby in the dredge, since it can be very dangerous.

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