Because of the machinations of money removed from the duties of the President “Ukrtransgaz”

After inspection of the financial activities of the state enterprise “Ukrtransgas“, which is now subordinated to Ukraine’s gas transportation system, auditors found many irregularities. Because of this, “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, which is subject to the company, was suspended from the duties of the President of “Ukrtransgaz” Igor Prokopov.

“The independent auditor of the group, the company Deloitte&Touche has revealed a number of violations during an official audit of the accounts of “Ukrtransgaz”. Later these issues were investigated as the external auditor, and the newly created authority internal audit of Naftogaz, who is accountable to the audit Committee of the Supervisory Board. Further investigation confirmed preliminary findings and helped to collect more evidence of the mismanagement of procurement. The facts of the violations have led to further parallel investigations spanning over a wide range of issues,” – said in “Naftogaz”.

Control “Ukrtransgaz” while first Vice-President of the company Miroslav Khimko.

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Groisman criticized the statements of “Naftogaz” and promised not to raise the price of gas

“Naftogaz” and “Ukrtransgaz” note that the change in leadership will not affect gas supplies to Ukrainian consumers and gas transit will continue in full in accordance with contractual obligations”, – stated in the message.

Note that “within the framework of the fundamental reform of corporate management of “Naftogaz” introduces a new system of internal control in all group companies. To ensure compliance with relevant policies and laws, internal audit now launched in all the subsidiaries of “Naftogaz”.

To do this, in December 2016, the Cabinet approved a new Charter of “Naftogaz“.