In China a woman with her own guts made a sexual organ

In China a woman who was born without a vagina the doctors did sexual organ, created using her own intestines.

23-year-old Zhang from China, suffers from MRKH syndrome – a congenital malformation of the female genital organs, which disrupted the formation of internal female genitals, resulting in no or a very short vagina, uterus also may be missing or have the wrong structure, reports the Daily Mail.

It is worth noting that about one in five thousand women in the world has MRKH syndrome.

Yesterday, February 16 a woman had surgery. Surgeons from the northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi used part of the small intestine of the patient and used it to make her vagina.

One of the surgeons said that only two such operations were carried out in the world.

After the surgery, the doctors said that the new vagina does not differ in appearance and in their functionality. But if a girl wants to have children, it will be necessary to conduct another operation to transplant a uterus.

Recall that eis heptane eman Ahmed, who is considered the heaviest woman in the world, came to India for the treatment of obesity.

Weight 36-year-old eman is approximately 500 pounds, reports Reuters. Due to the state of his health, a woman bedridden.

In particular, Indiau it was taken on a Charter plane and was transported to the hospital by a large truck. To move the bed from the heaviest woman in the world with the car in the hospital, had to use a crane.