The General staff has authorized the commanders in the area of the ATO to provide a swift rebuff

The Ukrainian military have the resolution to adequately respond to the provocations of the enemy at that time, as the situation in the ATO area worsened.

This was stated by chief of General staff, commander in chief of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

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“Since the day before yesterday, we see a growing number of mortar attacks, shelling from the cannons, also the use of tanks. In particular, the latter was used by the enemy yesterday on the settlement of avdeevk. Units that perform tasks in the area of ATO, have the right to adequately respond to all the violations that have taken place in the area of operations. In the powers of commanders to make decisions in response to certain actions of the enemy,” — said Muzhenko during a meeting with military attaches of foreign States on Friday, 17 February, in Kiev.

He also said: “the Fire on our side, several times smaller than that of the enemy. Mainly the actions of the enemy are disorganized character”.

Muzhenko also said that over the past day in the shelling, including tank, in the area of Avdeevka killed three Ukrainian soldiers, 10 were injured. Killed and one civilian, and two others were injured.

At the same time in the Donetsk region, all police units were alerted to increase control on entries and exits from the region. Units lifted at 5 am, in addition to increased control at the entrances and exits also promise maximum protection of civilians in the Donbass.