Comes at a price: the game of trump Golf cost the U.S. budget of $ 10 million

Weekend US President Donald trump cost the U.S. “millions of dollars”.

About it writes The Washington Post.

Tramp for the first month, had made three such trips. The newspaper calculated that the President’s trip to the country club, Mar-a-Lago for a game of Golf cost $ 10 million – the money goes to the coast guard, military spending, security personnel and the cost of moving things to the President.

All trips Barack Obama and his family in 8 years cost $ 97 million

Also the protection of the Trump Tower, which is now home to Melania trump with son, will cost $ 183 million for the year. The publication notes that the President’s son Eric trump also makes foreign business travel at the expense of the budget. The bill for his hotel accommodation in Uruguay, for example, cost nearly $ 98 thousand.

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