Johnson called for a determination on the issue of sanctions against a country that annexed another’s territory

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson urged the international community to act decisively to question the imposition of sanctions against a country that annexed part of the territory of another country.

He stated this during the Munich conference on security issues during the discussion of sanctions against Russia, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“If one state annexing the territory of another, in violation of the Helsinki accords, then we must be absolutely resolute in imposing sanctions that are necessary in response to such aggression,” said Johnson.

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Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also spoke at the 53rd Munich security conference. In his speech, he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin genuinely hate Ukraine and do not see a place on the political map of Europe. Poroshenko warned that Puin in Ukraine will not stop and urged the world not to pursue a policy of appeasement towards Russia, and to maintain sanctions against Moscow. The full text of Poroshenko’s speech, read on the TSN website.ia.