In Luhansk militants occupied the “gray” town and send the local “intelligence”

In the grey area in the Luhansk region , the militants have built their position in the middle of the village Novoaleksandrovka. Firing points are now hiding in an abandoned houses of civilians, says the story TSN.19:30.

“The local population uses this path in order to come to our side to buy the products. It is likely that you have the task to track the location of our troops,” says Mat soldier Stanislaw Kaczynski. Residents of the village, which without light and water are left to live between the two parties to the conflict, the soldiers believe a zombie propaganda of the Kremlin. “The enemy walks into the grey area and opened fire from residential homes, uses it as a cover,” says the officer of the press service of divisions of VSU Vladimir, Fito. However, even this turning under of a possible strike in response to the local residents care about.

Most of the Ukrainian soldiers besieging enemy snipers. On this front they work multiple groups at the same time and the handwriting does not seem like. “For the last day were three sniper from different angles. This is not the first time that once we came here, were brought to the other side with a different special forces snipers, so they studied us,” says military APU with a call sign “Diamond”. Immediately over the occupied village militants along the mountain built a fortified area. These positions are clearly visible through binoculars, and the enemy not even hiding, digging new trenches, because he knows that the Ukrainian soldiers the order to keep quiet, so they don’t shoot. “They are in this moment, as we just observed,” – says the fighter named “meteor”.

The TSN reporter Ruslan Yarmolyuk