McCain claims that trump is contradicting himself

The President of the United States Donald trump contradicts himself.

So says the head of the Senate Committee on armed forces John McCain, writes Reuters.

“First, the President makes some statements, and then in other occasions contradict himself. So we have learned to perceive that made by the President contrary to what was said to them,” said McCain.

He also expressed confidence that the resignation of Michael Flynn as assistant to the President for national security led the administration to trump confusion.

“I think the fact Flynn clearly shows that in many respects the administration (trump ed) confused. And she have to thoroughly work on,” concluded McCain.

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Trump has accused McCain and Graham trying to unleash a third world war

We will remind that earlier American Republican Senator John McCain sharply criticized the statements of Donald trump in a Fox News interview when the question about the “Putin-murderer” noted that America also has in its history a lot of killers.

McCain stressed that between the United States and Putin’s Russia it is impossible to put an equal sign. “There is no moral equivalence between the butcher and a thug, a Colonel in the KGB and the United States of America – the country that Ronald Reagan called the shining city on the hill,” said McCain.

Criticizing the statements of the trump, the Senator noted that in order to resort to such comparisons, it should be either “awful disinformant, or incredibly biased”.