Militants “DNR” fired on their own positions, killing a dozen of his

The militants “11 separate motorized rifle regiment (Donetsk) 1 AK” shelled their own positions near the settlement Spartak.

It is reported by the Main Department of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

In the shelling killed 10 militants and two others were injured.

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In the area of ATO from shrapnel wounds died Ukrainian volunteer

“On February 16-17 this year loss in 11 separate motor rifle regiment from friendly fire amounted in killed ten soldiers and wounded two”, – stated in the message.

In addition, it is noted that the units 2 AK (Lugansk), the armed forces continue cases of desertion.

“17 Feb TS.g. two soldiers (citizens of the Russian Federation, members of Russian Cossack public organizations) 7 separate motorized rifle brigade (Bryanka) 2 academic self-willedally left a place of service,” – said in the message.

Recall that in a gray area in the Luhansk region fighters have arranged its position right in the midst of the village Novoaleksandrovka. Firing points are now hiding in an abandoned houses of civilians. Residents of the village, which without light and water is left to live among the two parties to the conflict, the soldiers believe zabavnymi the propaganda of the Kremlin as terrorists go into a gray area and open fire from houses, use the population as cover.