Shipyard Poroshenko decided to decompensirovanna

Kiev shipyard “Lenin’s smithy”, which is owned by President Petro Poroshenko, decided to change its name.

It is reported with reference to the enterprise.

The name change needs to happen within the law on de-communization, adopted in may 2015. The goal of this process is the purification of public space from a totalitarian symbols, a departure from the Soviet past and its reinterpretation. In this regard, many legal entities, print media, brands, and brand names in certain terms had to change its name.

In addition to the name “Lenin’s smithy” is going to change the form of ownership: public joint-stock company (PJSC) private joint stock company (PJSC).

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The decision about the changes will be made at the shareholders meeting on 30 March. Also at the meeting it is planned to approve the annual report of the plant beyond 2016, the order of profit distribution for the year 2016 to take a decision on the election of the General Director, members of the Supervisory Board, the audit Committee, to consider other matters.

Recall that for the year 2016 within the framework of de-communization, the Ukrainians have chosen new names for streets and 51493 987 towns and villages in Ukraine. In addition, it was dismantled 1320 “Lenin” and another 1069 Communist monuments. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renamed the 25 districts and settlements 987 (32), based mainly on the proposals of local communities regarding the new names of towns and villages.