France stressed the necessity of work of Council Russia-the NATO

In France, expressed the need to maintain dialogue between Russia and NATO.

This was during a security conference in Munich said the foreign Minister of the country Jean-Marc Ayrault, reports “European true”.

To maintain dialogue, according to Eero, you should use the mechanism of the Council Russia-NATO.

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“We will keep the Council Russia-NATO. We want to continue the dialogue, to continue that relationship, despite the difference of interests,” said Eero.

It should be noted that the meeting of the Council Russia-NATO is not conducted within two years after the annexation of Crimea, but in the spring of 2016, they resumed.

Recall that not only the representatives of France spoke of the need for dialogue during a security conference. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that “Russia and the West agree that the settlement in Ukraine must be achieved in a direct dialogue of Kyiv with Donetsk and Lugansk“.

While Lavrov added that “Kiev has become the path of implementation of the Minsk agreements”, because there is no alternative.