“I do not know these people”. Exactly said goodbye to those killed in the Donbas 19-year-old marine

Yesterday, February 18, hundreds of people in Exactly said goodbye to 19-year-old marine Taras Pronacom. Senior sailor of the battalion of Marines died 16 February from enemy sniper bullets in the Donbass. To defend the independence of Ukraine the guy left when I reached the age of majority. He was the youngest among his comrades and managed to save not one life.

This is stated in the story TSN. 19.30.

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To spend a last farewell to a young soldier came hundreds of people. Sister of Taras – Rustam Gorbachenko not hold back tears.

“I do not know these people. He was the youngest of us. He signed a contract when he was 18 years old. I asked him why he signed, and he said he wanted to defend Ukraine and its people. During this rotation Taras from the battlefield pulled four wounded to the evacuation, and he was not able to survive”, – said the fighter.

Senior sailor in the battalion of Marines occupied the post of the gunner. The defense held near the village of Sahanka Donetsk region. He offered to leave the front. Marine refused. The latest in his lifelong correspondence with his girlfriend began:

“Two weeks ago I was invited to go to Nikolaev, as I there 20 years, and I had to withdraw from the sector, but I refused. 6 days ago I was in the hospital because of a light concussion and I again said I did not come back. But I stayed, because to protect you. Now you know the truth. Who, if not I will protect you, mother, brothers and the Ukrainian people?”

Pronaco had to hand the medal “For courage” and “Defense of Mariupol”, and did not. Now the son of the hero awards were given to a grieving mother.

Taras was the only breadwinner in his family. Without his support poor family will be very difficult.

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