Ukrainians in the spring will be double-counted amounts

This spring, the Ukrainians will be counted twice the size of subsidies – due to the planned growth of electricity tariffs from 1 March, and at the end of the heating season, the heat because of a change in rate depending on the temperature indicators.

“In the case of growth of tariffs for a particular type of utility services that is the subject of the grant, recalculate the amount of state aid is carried out from the time change. That is, in March of 2017 will result in a recalculation of subsidy for all recipients in connection with the planned increase in electricity prices“, – stated on the government portal

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In late spring will recalculate the amount of grants to pay for heating.

“Subsidianes, which account for heating of the heat-supply enterprises form the norm, taking into account actual air temperature, will be compensated the difference is due to a change of the tariff for heat. It is stipulated in government resolution No. 848. According to this document, the allocation of grants is carried out by bodies of social protection of the population automatically after completion of the heating season without additional treatment of citizens. For example, a grant was assigned, based on the heat tariff in October 29,065 UAH per square meter of heated area. In December and January, the tariffs amounted respectively 31,43 UAH/sq. m 37,27 UAH/sq. m – the difference at the end of the heating season, the state compensates in the form of a recalculation of the size of subsidies”, – explained the press service of the Cabinet.

Supplements should take into account the heat supply companies to specify in the payment.

“Additional payment will be made through the personal accounts of citizens in the heat supply organizations, which are obliged according to the results of the heating season to reassess and reflect all the necessary information in the payment,” explained the government.

Earlier, the Cabinet promised that at the end of the heating season will take place on monetization of subsidies. That is, those who are saved, will give part of the money. However, to use them for activities on energy efficiency and energy saving. Will there be a monetization – is unknown, because the final decision regarding this has not happened.

Question on monetization of subsidies also recorded in the updated Memorandum of cooperation with the IMF, which is still not officially signed.