“Bendera and Shushkevich” and “the Syrian children who sprinkle dust”: the most offensive quotes Churkin

Permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, who died suddenly on 20 February in new York, remembered for his notorious remarks and reservations.

So, for example, of Stepan Bandera, he called Bender and Roman Shukhevych – Shushkevich. Also Churkin said that “Russia hopes that the perpetrators of the MH17 disaster will not be punished.” During the bombing of Aleppo, the Russian diplomat said that Syrian children are sprinkled with dust, to pass them off as victims of the bombing. TSN.ia collected the most famous quotes Vitaly Churkin over the past three years.

“Bendera and Shushkevich”

In early March 2014, when Russian troops were already in Crimea under the guise of “green men” and was preparing the annexation of the Peninsula, Vitaly Churkin during a meeting of the UN Security Council in new York said that in Kiev seized power aggressive nationalists, and that Russia cannot allow a repeat of the “riots” in the Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Churkin said that “atrocities” in the West and center of Ukraine are the handiwork of the followers of the “Bender and Shushkevich”, which during the Second world war “under Nazi flags” fought “against the Soviet Union and the anti-Hitler coalition”.

“This is their ideology,” – said Churkin.

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As you know, the correct pronunciation of the name of the leader of the OUN – Bandera and the UPA leader, Shukhevych. While Shushkevich is the head of the Supreme Council of Belarus in the early 1990s, which, together with Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk signed the Belavezha accords on the dissolution of the USSR.

Churkin lied about the absence of Russian troops in the Crimea

Also Churkin lied that “little green men”, which block the Ukrainian military units in Crimea not the Russian military and “the people’s protection units”that were created because of the “ugrozu of violence against the Russian-speaking population from the Ukrainian ultra-nationalists”.

18 Mar 2014 during the storming of the Ukrainian military unit in Simferopol, killing warrant officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine. When, during the next meeting of the UN security Council Russia accused of attempt of capture of the Crimea, Churkin lied again that the Russian military on the Peninsula there.

“Any assault on a Ukrainian military facility by the Russian military, which said today the permanent representative of Ukraine, was not” – he said.

“Crimeans with the support of the entire Russian nation will do everything possible to save in the Crimea, peace and tranquility, and in this they will not prevent any provocations, like the one that happened a day ago in Simferopol,” – said Churkin.

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He added that in Simferopol “in “maydanovka” style shooting from sniper rifles, which were fired from the building opposite the Ukrainian military unit, were killed two unarmed fighter of self-defense forces of Crimea and the Ukrainian soldier.