In Kiev unknown stole the leader of the radical organization “White hammer”, the SBU was declared wanted

SBU is looking for the missing leader of the radical organization “White hammer” Vladislav Goranin, who was kidnapped by men posing as employees of the security services.

This was stated on his page in Facebook press-the Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya.

“The head of the SBU tasked to take all necessary measures to search for Garanina”, she said.

Separately Gitlyanskaya said that the SBU has not exercised and does not exercise any operational or investigative actions against the coordinator of the organization “White hammer” Vladislav Goranin.

We will note, earlier on the official page in “Vkontakte” appeared the information about the kidnapping unknown men.

“Garanina Vladislav, pseudo Goran, today (20 February – approx.ed.) kidnapped by unknown people in mufti. At the intersection of Vasylkivska Stelmakh Garanina attacked, grabbed and shoved in the car (a black jeep with numbers 238-20 EN). Witnesses – people claim that men are choked Garanina and while shouting “Stand, SBU!” – stated in the message.

As noted, after the car with a man drove down the street Stelmakh in the direction of Holoseievski forest.

According to the wife Garanina, Vladislav went to the thesis defense. “But after a while the familiar eyewitnesses reported what they saw,” added in the “White hammer”.