Groisman said that will the authorities do to overcome energy crisis

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman still scares Ukrainians possible rolling blackouts of light in the framework of emergency in the energy sector, says that within the next one to three years in Ukraine will not be alternatives to anthracite coal and all promises energy independence of Ukraine in the short term.

The head of government said today, on 21 February, during a meeting of the Cabinet.

“Every day I say – we eventually get the aggression of Russia, and we will block the way (delivery by rail of coal from the occupied Donbass). But I never thought that this energy blockade will be made by Ukrainian citizens. We, as a government, have a clear plan of what to do for energy independence. Some things have been done: start a new unit of the Dniester HPP, diversification of supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power. I stress that we will not deviate from path – we will surely go to energy independence of Ukraine. Increasing Ukrainian gas production, strengthen the position of nuclear and hydropower. In the medium term, Ukraine will be completely non-volatile”, – said Groisman.

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Also carried out capacity expansion and diversification of nuclear fuel supply for the needs of nuclear power, whose share in the balance of the produced electricity increased from 47% to 55%. Plan to double the capacity of hydropower.

The Prime Minister says that “the government has a clear plan to achieve energy independence and takes all measures to protect Ukrainian citizens and national economy from the risks incurred by energy blockade”.

Groysman said that Ukraine has almost 450 days living without Russian gas. Though not said, that still partially supplies its reverse, Perekopa in Europe.

“We are importing gas from our European partners. I went through those blocks. What is the risk? That Ukraine in the future can get the blackouts, and thus can endanger the growth of the national economy. In the steel industry now employs about 300 thousand Ukrainians. In the short term we have no alternative than anthracite coal. And everyone knows about it”, – stressed the head of government.

All the current troubles of the Ukrainian energy sector, Ukraine blames Russia and the previous government of Ukraine.

“2014 has started not only from the Russian military invasion and annexation of Crimea. I have always said that Russia has not only a military aggression against Ukraine, but also economic, including energy. Our dependence on Russian gas and coal were high for our country. Unfortunately, till 2014, this dependence has increased. And some politicians who now talk about the independence of Ukraine, had a hand in this. Including enslaving gas agreement (alluding to Yulia Tymoshenko) is not allowed to escape from the clutches of the aggressor,” – said the head of government.

We will remind, state of emergency in the energy sector of Ukraine introduced on February 17 and he will act at least a month. A month ago, on the border with the occupied Donbass activists blocked railway tracks for freight trains with coal – they say that Ukraine has not traded with the militants. Because of this, there was a shortage of anthracite coal required to generate electricity and heat.

Meanwhile, due to this blockage got up one more scandal on the formula, “Rotterdam plus”. According to her, Donbass coal tariffs Jakob cheated like it was imported from the Dutch port of Rotterdam. That is, VD is almost two times more expensive than it is actually. Because of this formula significantly increased the tariffs to the population and enterprises.

Is it really the Donbass coal bought according to the “Rotterdam plus” and fair tariffs for the population have to check the Cabinet, the national Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (which these tariffs are formed) and the state office of public Prosecutor.