How to deal with the energy “vampires”-neighbors and how much is the audit termovision

Winter is over, and accounts for the consumed heat will come from the Ukrainians. The cost of heating this year broke all records. Some Ukrainians amounts reached 4, 6 and even 8 thousand hryvnias.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

In the big accounts for heat often blame the neighbors. They lined the balconies of the additional panels, install heated floors or paving heating in the attached commercial premises. Hence, in them is warmth, and pay for it together the residents of an apartment building. Such high-profile exposure was made by an expert on energy efficiency from Kiev Svyatoslav Pavlyuk, who spent many years working in the field of energy saving. He examined the house termovision device that measures the temperature of objects at a distance. And see where the heat goes and where are the exorbitant amount in the payment.

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The results of their investigations posted on their own page in Facebook. For example, in one of the pictures the loggia can be seen through termometru that there are battery. The other picture is a balcony with insulated floors. If the heat meter in this apartment building together, and the expense for additional Parking will be shared by all residents.

The study Svyatoslav Pavlyuk instantly gained publicity in the Network and has become a top topic of many media. The other day my experiment, and he repeated on camera by TSN.Tyzhden and showed that the heat of the houses to steal not only neighbors, but also non-insulated exterior walls. On average, each house is heating the street in 5 degrees.

Lose heat the heating duct. A few years ago Svyatoslav Pavlyuk became famous for another experiment at a temperature of 8 degrees below zero on the street had fried eggs on the surface of the manhole. Something that should warm the home, warms the air. It includes hundreds of hryvnia from the wallets of Ukrainians.

Experts say to reduce the amounts in the accounts that should insulate the apartment building and act collectively, because one insulated flat effect, almost does not give. Should not only insulate, but also to replace equipment with more efficient and energy saving. This will help the residents of condominiums, which can also take the “warm credit” with the compensation part from the state and to carry out energy efficiency measures.

The cost of the energy audit of an apartment building with the help of thermovisor, as evidenced by ads in the Internet, is 1-1,5 thousand UAH. To buy such a device is expensive – from 1 thousand dollars.