No nut will not fall to the enemy: “Ukroboronprom” disown supply of products in Russia

Enterprises included in the state concern “Ukroboronprom”, do not put their products in the Russian Federation since mid-2014.

This is stated in the statement of concern.

“The company controls the that no the nut did not get to the enemy”, — stated in the message.

However, the concern does not exclude the possibility that other defense plants that are not part of the “Ukroboronprom” continues to cooperate with Russia in circumvention of the legislation of Ukraine.

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Earlier it was reported that the state firm “Ukrinmash” purchased track for military vehicles and Russian-built engines for BTR 70. The purchase took place through the British firm “Rion Assets Company LTD”.

According to journalists, the Ukrainian company paid 121 $ 200 for 20 pieces of track (6060 dollars apiece). Russian engines for the Ukrainian APCS was worth 160 thousand dollars for 20 units (8 thousand dollars apiece). The average price for these motors is 2-3 thousand dollars.