The American decided to have a baby without a brain to donate his organs to donate

American from Oklahoma dared to bear her child despite the fact that the doctors have set the final diagnosis of the unborn girl had anencephaly.

Cary Yang and her husband Royce was shocked to learn that their daughter would not survive after birth — she had a defect of the brain (almost complete absence) and the skull. About it reports The Daily Mail.

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When the couple got the diagnosis, Carey was 20 weeks pregnant. The woman decided to bear a child, then to save the lives of other babies.

Keri Young/Facebook
Carey and Royce young

“She has perfect legs and arms. She has perfect kidneys, lungs and liver. It is sad that she has an imperfect brain. Recently we found out that she had anencephaly, and that’s final” she said.

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By the way, the parents named the unborn girl eve. Now they are looking for people who need organs. Spouse Royce actively engaged in your page in Facebook, and expressed willingness to donate the organs to other children.

As you know, anencephaly is a fetal malformation of the fetus, which is formed early in pregnancy and usually is associated with exposure to harmful environmental factors, toxic substances or infection. This defect happens very seldom — three cases 10 thousand pregnancies.

We will remind, in the USA in Louisiana woman Laquina hunter Grover gave birth to a boy, weighing 6 pounds. The baby was given the nickname “the incredible Hulk”.